Will Selina’s life ever be trouble-free? – Selina

27 September 2021
Her recent experiences have proved otherwise.
Selina, zoe, silvia, rosette, brenda wairimu

Almost everyone that has been in Selina’s life has wanted to harm her. First, it was Rosette who when she and Nelson were engaged to be married. Nelson’s mother thought Rosette was the perfect fit for her son and preferred that he married her over Selina. Little did they know that Rosette was mentally unstable and had killed her boyfriend. She managed to blind Nelson into marrying her and tried hard to do away with Selina after she saw her true colours. Rosette was finally exposed and taken to a mental institution.

Before the dust settled, Messina entered their life. She claimed to be Nelson’s real mother and quickly wormed her way into Nelson’s heart to a point where he listened more to her than Selina. She tried to fleece the company but was later exposed in the nick of time.

Next, it was Zoe, Selina’s sister-in-law. She has always been envious of Selina’s position in the family. Driven by jealously, she teamed up with Biko, Selina’s former husband and Mackenzie’s biggest business rival to trap Selina. Their plan didn’t succeed.

In came Silvia who wants to revenge her brother Jayden’s death. Her family had held Selina captive when she was pregnant, drugged her and when her baby Akiza was born, Silvia claimed her as her own. Nelson worked with the police to rescue Selina and in the process, Jayden was fatally shot. She then vowed to avenge his death no matter the cost.

Finally, Rosette is back! She has managed to convince everyone in the Mackenzie household that she has changed but she has a plan up her sleeve. What could it be?

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