Will Mbura eventually marry Nimimi? – Pete

23 August 2021
They have been engaged for more than a year now.
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Nimimi’s parents, Mfalme Zurui and Binti Zamzam have been worried about their daughter’s future. According to their custom, a king’s daughter is supposed to be married to a prince or king. When Nimimi and Mbura were staying together as husband and wife they didn’t know that Mbura was not the biological son of the then king of Funzi, the late Mzee Dalu. They only found out after the death of their son and only child.

Prior to that, Nimimi’s parents had received a proposal from a prince from the nearby island to marry their daughter. They had ignored the offer because they thought that Mbura is a prince. When they learned that he is not, they proposed that their daughter should marry Mbura’s younger brother, Jasiri who is the biological son of Mzee Dalu and heir to the Funzi kingdom. Nimimi declined her parent’s suggestions because of her strong love for Mbura.

When Mbura learned that he doesn’t have any royal blood, he moved out of the palace and went back to his old house and resumed his old carpentry job. The money he made in his business was not enough for him to raise the bride price for Nimimi.

So Nimimi decided to take matters into her own hands and secretly sneaked into Funzi and brought some money for him to pay her dowry. Mbura refused to take it and preferred to work hard for it.

What will this mean for their relationship? Will they eventually get married or will Nimimi’s parents marry her off to the prince of the island? Have your say...??

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