Will Karembo pull off the lie? — Pete

18 September 2019
It's a few days before her big day and Nimimi is closing in on her.
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Nimimi, Naima and Mzee Bundez know that Karembo is not pregnant. Karembo has been successful in hiding that fact so that she gets married to Kiongozi Mbura. Her wedding plans are in full swing and although Nimimi tries to tell her to come out with the truth she remains adamant.

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Raziya keeps getting closer to Sitara in her bid to find a way to the ring. This closeness with Sitara raises eyebrows with Jasiri wanting to know how and when they became close since Raziya is new in the island.

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Raziya and Safira become more hostile to each other, with the former blaming the latter for forgetting her mission to take the ring home. Jinale senses their tense relationship and wonders why.

Kiza, on the other hand, is frustrated that Bundez is going up the ranks faster than him because of Karembo. At the palace, Nimimi confronts Karembo about her not being pregnant. Before she heads out to tell Mbura the truth, Karembo hits her with a blunt object and she loses consciousness. 

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Outside the palace, it’s the wedding day and Karembo is about to live her dream. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Nimimi regains her senses, and with the help of Naima she is helped out of the bathroom and heads to the garden where the wedding is taking place.

Will she make it on time or will Karembo manage to pull off the lie?

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