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24 January 2020
Amina helped Saul out with his hairstyle examinations and a relationship blossomed.
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Amina, raised by a single parent never entertained the idea that one day she would get married while Saul loved weddings and wanted a big one where he can invite the poor and homeless to just come, eat and have a good time.

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The two met when Saul was due to do a hair and beauty exam. Amina went to the school to get her hair done. After attending to her she asked her to come back again because he needed a model that he can style during his examinations. To her amazement, he even offered to send her fare just to aid with her transportation to the school! This was the beginning of their relationship.

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Shortly. Amina fell pregnant and was blessed with a son. Saul's dream of having a big wedding never diminished. Since the couple are both Muslims, they opted to have a Swahili-themed wedding celebration. 

The wedding

For the colours the couple chose white, gold and black. The bride preferred to rent her gown. She wore a beautiful gold-colored Cinderella gown with pearls while the groom wore a white and gold tailored pants and kimono shirt. 

Here are highlights of their big day:

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