Why Manish Gupta is the perfect MP for Westlands – Varshita

11 October 2021
Manish has decided to run as a candidate in this year’s local elections.
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After Manish Gupta tries to get his  roof fixed and he goes to home affairs and he gets asked for a bribe, he soon learns that the system is not fair. He gets more disappointed after he goes to report the incident to the police, only to be told there is nothing they can do about so he needs to assimilate with the corrupt system. Manish is fed up and wants to make a change. With the help of his assistant, he forms his own political party and decides to run as an MP candidate at this year’s elections. Here are a couple of reasons why people of Westlands should vote for Manish:

  1. An authentic Nairobian

Nairobi is a multicultural city with people from different walks in life. Manish’s parents immigrated to Nairobi from India when he was young. He has grown up in the city, speaks the language, and knows exactly what the city lacks.

  1. He is an honest man

Despite being in a position where he can afford to pay the bribe to make sure he got his documents; Manish chose to report the incident and get his documents the legal way.

  1. He is a people’s person

Having lived in Westlands most of his life, he has invested in the land and has started a business that employed a lot of the community members. His staff adore him and trust him which makes him relatable.

  1. Big teddy-bear

Manish’s party is called the Teddy Party of Kenya. if you know Manish well you know he is just a big teddy bear. He is caring, funny, loud with big old teddy bear eyes.

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Are you voting for Manish Gupta? - Varshita

If you were part of the Westlands community will you vote for Manish to be your MP? Tell us below


Politics can be daunting for most people, but Manish has shown us a human side to it. Take our poll below and tell us whether you would vote for Manish if you were part of the Westlands community.



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