Which female character would you invite for dinner? — Selina

31 May 2021
Rebecca, Patricia, and Zoe are your favourites!
selina, zoe, rebeca, patricia

Maisha Magic East recently asked Selina fans if they were to choose one (or two) female characters for dinner who would it by and why. Rebecca, Patricia, and Zoe were their favourites. Here are some reasons why they chose them:

Facebook user L’Lavy Nancyrose had this to say:

  • Not Zoe [because] she won’t eat as her hands are always up ? ?
  • Not Selina as she will keep asking me ‘mbona’?
  • Jackie, I have never seen her eating and does have a ring on the mouth, eye, or nose? Whichever way, it irritates me.
  • Patricia naogopa acho yake especially when am eating ?
  • Wacha tu nibaki na Rebecca, she’s adorable and good company. She’s my dream friend. #Rebecca “

Another Facebook user listed several reasons why she would invite Rebecca to her dinner table:

  1. I love the gangster character in her
  2. How she dresses that chubby body ?
  3. How she is loyal to Selina, true love
  4. I just love her character ???️?️

Zoe was Neemah Tomiko’s choice and here’s her reason: “I love her flying walking style. When she swings everything comes to a standstill.

Joanstella Guandaru could not settle for one. She chose Rebeca, Jackie and Patricia for the following reasons:

“Rebecca … she is loyal and never gives up. Jackie … has such a vibe, she is a happy soul and Patricia for her style.”

Nitakurarua Kofi Ushangae chose Madam Patricia. “I just love everything about her. She’s an iron lady.”

Debra Awuor also chose Patricia and said she when she grows up, she wants to be like her. “I want to build an empire and call the shots.” ????

Kate Mwai chose Zoe because of her drama queen attitude and her walking style. Eve Anenda said Madam Patricia “any day any time. She is my role model already. Viva Patricia.”

Cheru Choge had a cheeky reason why she would choose to invite Patricia for dinner. “I would invite Patricia ili nimshow Leshan cheated on her with Kattie.” ??

Josnjuhi chose Rebecca because “you need a Rebecca in real life.” ???

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