Where will Don get 2 million? - Varshita

13 September 2021
Don owes the bank 2 million shillings and has run out of time to pay it back.
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Don, also known as Varshita’s number one fan, will do anything to make his wife, Varshita, happy. He manages to get himself into another sticky situation after he decides to take a 2 million shillings loan from the bank to help his business. He took it hoping that his business will go well and soon he will be able to pay it back. Unfortunately, things do not go according to plan.


He decides to come clean to his wife about being unable to pay back the money. Varshita is unbothered by this because she had already put his mother’s house as colleterial. This sends Don into panic mode because his mother is unaware that the bank could take her house at any given time.


Don comes up with a plan to get the money from his family and here are his options:

  1. Varshita

Although Varshita is his wife, the couple keeps separate accounts and with Varshita’s business going well she has quite a bit of money stashed away. Don plans to get hold of her handbag and deposit the money to the bank himself, however Varshita always guards her bag.


  1. His mum

Don straight up asks his mother to loan him money, unfortunately this reminds her that her ex-husband, Don’s father owes her 10 million shillings. She gets very angry and promises to never lend money to another person again.


  1. His father

Seeing that his father owes his mother 10 million shillings, Don convinces his mother to allow him to get the money from his father on her behalf. Don plans to get the 10 million from his father then take 2 million to pay back the bank and only give his mother 8 million. Then slowly pay back his mother the 2 million. The only problem is that his father is an alcoholic and he has spent the whole 10 million on alcohol and has no money left.

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