When different cultures (and personalities) meet — OPW

20 March 2020
Annita and Cyrus’s story
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Annita and Cyrus met 10 years ago during a fresher's night out in varsity. Cyrus liked her at first sight and asked her to be his girlfriend. Annita felt that she was young and wanted to enjoy life since she was just a first-year student. Her response hurt Cyrus's ego so much that he ghosted her. One year later they met and started dating as and as they say the rest is history.

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Annita and Cyrus were planning a simple intimate wedding on Valentine's day. The couple loved playing board games. When they started planning their wedding, Cyrus wanted to have a game of thrones themed wedding but Annita did not want to hear any of that.

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Cyrus hence stopped helping plan for the wedding leaving Annita to do it by herself. Since they come from different cultures, they planned to showcase them on the wedding day. Here's how they celebrated the beginning of their life together. 


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