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18 October 2021
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At Maisha Magic Plus, we serve up nail-biting drama, hilarious comedies, suspenseful telenovelas, interesting real-life stories and entertaining music every week! Here’s what you can expect to watch:

Kovu | Monday to Friday | 6:30 pm

Kovu is a show that is full of mystery and secrets that are uncovered after Jaffer, a wealthy man, moves his family from Tanzania to Kenya. In the most recent episode, Alisa, Jaffer’s wife decided to sell her car without his permission after her allowance was cut off.

Watch the moment here:

Pete | Monday to Friday | 7:30 pm

In a bid to succeed the Funzi Chief, a rift ensues between his two sons: Mbura and Jasiri. Their relationship is put to the test even further after Mbura learns that he is not the biological son of the chief and therefore not the rightful heir. The story also follows the mermaids who struggle to get the ring Jasiri is wearing as the king of Funzi. Will they succeed? Be sure to follow the drama every weeknight to find out.

Kina | Monday to Friday | 8 pm

This telenovela is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Last week, Fred narrowly escaped death but unfortunately lost his newlywed wife Priya after she was set up by Nana. In Misri, Lefti battled to honour his promise not to drink alcohol again. How will he fare this week? Be sure to follow the drama to find out.

Selina | Monday to Friday | 8:30 pm

Selina’s life is still a bumpy ride even after marrying the love of her life, Nelson. Rosette returned and surprised Nelson with a son, who she claimed is his. Will Selina accommodate them in their already crowded life? Stay tuned every weeknight to find out!

Hullabaloo Estate | Thursday | 7 pm

This comedy series brings new meaning to the phrase “love thy neighbour”. The show revolves around the residents of Hullabaloo Estate namely Ondiek, Mama Brown, Baby Dee, Nyabuto, Kokoto and Olexander and the conflicts between them which are often humorous. Be sure not to catch the laughs every Thursday.

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Njoro wa Uba | Friday | 7 pm

What are the daily struggles of a taxi driver? Njoro wa Uba gives you a glimpse of life in the city through the eyes of a taxi driver as well as his personal challenges. This week, Njoro is working the night shift. He stumbles on a police-manned roadblock and his fortunes change. Find out more this Friday at 7 pm!

Varshita | Saturday | 7:30 pm

This fun romantic comedy stars a young couple from completely different backgrounds. Expect some laughs and tears as their two cultures collide every Saturday.

The Turn Up | Saturday | 12 pm

Turn up your weekend with exciting vibes and amazing music every Saturday. Brighten up your Saturday with the dynamic duo Amina Rabar and DJ Joe Mfalme who ensure you get into the weekend mood. 

Yes I Do | Saturday | 8 pm

This how gives you the front row seat to real weddings and you also get a glimpse into how real couples plan their perfect weddings. Be sure to honour the invite every Saturday evening.

Pambio Live | Sunday | 2pm

DJ Ruff and Eve Bahati will ensure that you get your spiritual dose every Sunday afternoon. You can also be sure to watch the latest gospel and worship songs.

Chozi | Sunday | 7:30 pm

A docu-drama that tells real-life stories of people who went through tragic moments in their lives. This week, be sure to catch Philip Ndungu’s story whose life, education and family relationship was ruined after getting addicted to drugs.

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Maisha Magic Plus airs on DStv Channel 163.