What to watch this September on Maisha Magic Plus

03 September 2020
Here’s what we’ve lined up for you this month.
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Maisha Magic Plus, Kenya’s leading and local entertainment channel has a lot offer this month of September. Here’s what you can binge on this month on DStv Channel 163.

Kina | Monday to Friday | 8 pm

Kina is a story of the poor taking on the rich, a story of haves and have-nots. Last week, Nana left for Geneva leaving Sharon-in charge of her company. In the absence of Nana, she and Fred are getting close and Zuri is not happy about it. Amid all this drama, Lwanga and Mary hunt down Dingo but Jabali and Detective Juma are hot on their heels. Fortunately, Dingo manages to testify that Lwanga was framed for murder. What will this mean for him? Will Caro accept and forgive Lwanga? Stay glued to your seats this week to find out.

Kovu | Monday to Friday | 6:30 pm

Roy decides to take his relationship with Tasha to the next level by proposing to her. Carlos fires Luka and later tries to win his father over after he realises that he still needs him. Judy is jealous of Sabina and Carlos tells her not to mess with her. Then Linnet goes to Jaffer’s mansion and introduces herself and Jaffer’s wife to Alisa. How will this new information affect the family? 

Nganya | Tuesday | 7 pm

In an industry filled with drugs and crime, a driver and his conductor struggle to make a living – and stay alive! This week Moss, the ruthless and elusive drug lord has won! How will the Nganya crew escape from his grasp? Bullets fly, the situation gets desperate and Gathee turns to an old enemy for help. But is it enough? Tune in to find out.

Monica | Wednesday | 7 pm

A beautiful young woman will do anything to escape the ghetto where she grew up. This soap opera follows Monica’s path to success – or failure. She finally has Bob, the governor’s son where she wants him-but she still hides her identity from him. For how long will she keep this from Bob and his family?

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Njoro wa Uba | Friday | 7 pm

What is life like for a taxi driver in the bustling city of Nairobi? Njoro Wa Uba gives you a glimpse of how his daily struggles as well as life in the city which is seen in the customers he carries.  

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This week, Njoro is still haunted by the night of the accident when he hit a man after a drinking spree. Stacy has settled in Dubai and the excitement of a new country leaves her with no time to connect with Njoro. The guilt and loneliness push Njoro to drink. Don’t miss this captivating drama this Friday.

Sol Family | Sunday | 7:30 pm

This captivating reality drama show premiered last month. Sol Family is a 13-part series that gives you the front row seat to the behind the scenes of the people behind the record label Sol Generation. -Hang out with the main band members, Bien, Savara, Chimano and Polycarp every Saturday at  18.30pm as well as the record label signees Nviiri the Story Teller and Bensoul. Here’s the most recent episode just in case you missed it:

Date My Family Kenya | Sunday | 8 pm

Each week we follow singletons as they try to find love by going on a date with their potential partner’s family. Here’s how last week’s date went.

Get your popcorn and remote ready for riveting shows this September brought to you by Maisha Magic Plus!

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