What’s new this January on Maisha Magic East?

06 January 2022
2022 is starting off with a bang on Maisha Magic East!
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With the arrival of new year comes the arrival of changes and new shows on Maisha Magic East. This January, we have three brand new shows premiering on Maisha Magic East along with a double bill of Njoro wa Uba. Here is a list of changes you can expect on your favourite Kenyan channel this year:

11 January – Kapuni premiere

The popular Tanzanian drama, Kapuni is finally making it way to the Kenyan shores this year. Kapuni is an office drama that shows the lifestyle of the modern-day working class. A boss who is too busy for his family, a disgruntled wife, affairs in the office and a cleaner who is not passed by anything. Kapuni will be replacing Penzi, don’t miss it every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm.

12 January – Our 5th Anniversary premiere

Ever wondered what happened to past couples who have appeared on our popular show, Our Perfect Wedding Kenya? Well, we are here to stop you wondering with our brand-new show, Our 5th Anniversary. The show is spin off show of the Our Perfect Wedding featuring couples that tied the knot 5 years ago. Beyond the beautiful wedding ceremony captured, how is marriage treating them? What are their biggest joys and challenges in marriage? Have the 5 years brought certain milestones? Have they felt like giving up at some point? The show dives into this and so much more in their 5-year journey. Don’t miss it every Wednesday at 7:30pm.

13 January – Njoro wa Uba (Double Bill) premiere

Njoro is coming back bigger and better with a double bill. As from 13 January you will be able to follow Kenya’s favourite taxi driver for an hour instead of just 30 minutes. Follow Njoro on his journey both through life and across the city as he operates his cab and get a glimpse of his daily struggles as an educated taxi driver. Don’t miss the new slot, every Thursday at 7:30pm.

16 January – This Love premiere

Showmax’s most anticipated show in 2021 is finally coming to Maisha Magic East. With 15 years of marriage behind them, musical legends, parents, and entrepreneurs Nameless and Wahu give us a front-row seat to their lives together. The show will take you behind the scenes as they collaborate on their first music project as a duo. Don’t miss This Love every Sunday at 7:30pm.

Which show are you most looking forward to?