What's coming up this September?

03 September 2019
...movies, more drama and comedy!
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Here's what you can look forward this month:

Two movies produced by the 2018 graduates of the Multichoice Talent Factory will be screened on #MMEast. 

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Promises | Friday 20 September at 9:30 pm

After the death of his wife during childbirth, a boda-boda driver struggles to raise his newborn twins and son in an effort to honor his promise to his wife. 

Cast: Lydia Gitachu, Maina wa Ndung’u, Carolyne Midimo, Steve Obingo

Producer: Njoki Muhoho | Director: Casey Lugada & Karanja Ng’endo

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Ensulo | Friday 27 September at 9:30 pm

A naive princess of an alienated kingdom must defend their sacred water source from external encroachment after the sudden illness of the king.

Cast: Michelle Tiren, Claude Judah, Jacob Otieno, Raymond Ofula, Cindy Kahuha

Producer: Njoki Muhoho | Director: Jamal Kishuli 

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Pete | Monday - Wednesday at 7:30 pm

“PETE” is a Swahili word meaning a ring. The word is symbolically used to portray love, leadership, and co-existence. The love is between different lovers in the story especially Jasiri and Safira-a mermaid turn human, Mbura’s illegitimate leadership which he stole from Jasiri and the co-existence of humans and the ‘mythical’ creatures known as mermaids.

Cast: Mutran Tamim, Celestine Nyagha 

Director: Shariff Mohammed 

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Njoro Wa Uba | Fridays at 7:30 pm 

This show follows Njoro on his journey both through life and across the city as he operates his cab as you get a glimpse of his daily struggles as an educated taxi driver.

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Selina | Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm

Selina, in pursuit of evidence to prove her innocence, has no option but to go an extra mile as tick-tock, the long hand of the clock moves. It is a bumpy ride as she finds herself in between love and her quest. Just as she gets evidence to exonerate herself, fate strikes and she finds her hopes hanging on a cliff. As desperate times call for desperate measures, she is left with no option but to succumb to family pressure.

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Our Perfect Wedding | Thursdays at 7:30 pm

Our Perfect Wedding gives viewers a front-row seat to the intimate lives of real couples as they plan their perfect weddings

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Bibi Ya Mzungu | Monday at 12 pm

Bibi ya Mzungu is a comical urban tale of a simple, semi-rural African lady married to a white man. He is never seen but she talks to him all the time on the phone as he lives abroad.

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Varshita | Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 pm 

A culturally-specific comedy about love and relationships and speaks to the struggles over culture and societal expectations while exploring Intra and interracial bias.

Hullabaloo Estate | Friday at 8 pm

A comedy series that brings new meaning to the phrase 'Love Thy Neighbor. Or Not depicting its residents and conflicts between them in a humorous and authentic manner.

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Nyanya Rukia | Monday at 8 pm

Nyanya Rukia is a series that revolves around a loud, busy body and cantankerous grandmother who is always meddling in people’s affairs.

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The TurnUp | Saturday at 12noon

The Turn Up is a show composed of exciting interviews, awesome vibes and amazing music mixes that will brighten up your Saturday morning.

Pambio Live | Sunday from 2 pm to 4 pm

Pambio is a Gospel music show with the best of Gospel Praise and Worship music.