What has happened so far on Sunrise

06 June 2019
Since Soni came back from the UK, she has had to adapt to the new life she found in Sunrise area

Soni has had to adapt to the harsh realities of her home and now finds herself with the need to be her own lady. She's still hiding a secret that is connected to her life in back London, a secret that could give her the kind of life she has always wanted for her and her mother. But Soni needs to find the courage to face the consequences of this secret though.

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Sunrise, on the other hand, finds itself with a thing to deal with, an NGO has set up to “help” the people of Sunrise and Chief Rosa now has a new public enemy. People in Sunrise find themselves with the need to unite against a common enemy; however, their relationship issues threaten any unity they may be seeking. 

Here are some images from the show:


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