What has happened so far on Njoro Wa Uba

22 February 2020
We see the life of ordinary Kenyans through the eyes of a taxi driver.
njoro wa uba

Njoro wa Uba has become a household name as many people can relate to the struggles he goes through. There's no ordinary day for him. Each day (and night) presents a different challenge and Njoro is forced to share in his new and returning clients. 

Njoro is driving Dwayne, the spoilt rich kid with a horrible attitude. Unfortunately, it’s Njoro’s day with Stacy who is not amused by Dwayne’s rotten attitude towards both her and Njoro. The father-daughter day leaves Njoro in need of some male interaction when he is forced to spend his morning at the market where Stacy is having her hair done by gossipy market women.

Njoro is involved in a fender bender with a driver when he bumps into her car while on phone with Cess. He reflects back on how far from grace he has fallen when he helps a man move into what was his former house when he still worked at the bank.

Njoro has a long day after he gives a ride to an old man with dementia. He spends the day trying to locate his family or his home. It’s a sad ending when he realizes his family has sent him away because his condition has got in the way of their ‘normal’ life.

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