What happened in the premiere episode of Sunrise

17 May 2019
Soni returns to Sunrise and is shocked to find out her hood has changed.
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Life is not the same at Sunrise Estate. Crime has rocked the settlement to such an extent that she is mugged on the first day she arrives from the UK. The public service rep, Fidelis Mwadulo too is mugged. When he goes to report the crime to the area chief Chief Roza he is shocked to find how such crimes are taken lightly. While there he finds Soni's mother, Wamaitha who happens to be the chief's sister catching up on their day to day issues. 

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After Soni lost her belongings, she decides to report to police but is adviced by the settlement's mob head Emmanuel not to waste her time to go to the police. He directs Chuma, his worker, to take her to the chief's office.  

When she gets there, she's surprised to find her auntie Roza is actually the chief. They exchange niceties and asked how the UK was. The awkward look that Soni tells it all. She's hiding something.  

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Back at the settlement, Emmanuel instructs Chuma to go and retrieve Soni's items from his rival gang. When he returns with bags, Emmanuel secretly checks her belongings and takes some cash. He also discovers that Soni was deported from the UK.

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At Wamaitha's pub, preparations are in top gear for Soni's party. She has invited everyone in the village to celebrate her daughters return and all assume that she has graduated from campus. 

How fans reacted to the season premiere:

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How long will Soni keep her dark secret from everyone? 

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