Victor and Faith's story — OPW

09 May 2019
Faith's love for kids was one of the main reasons Victor was drawn to her.
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Victor met his bubbly bride Faith in 2016 during a Bible Study session in a church where they happened to be sitting together. Faith, who happened to love kids took Victor sister's kid and sat with him. That gesture didn't go unnoticed by Victor who has a 6-year-old son. One of the things that he was looking for in a partner was someone who could relate to his son.

Over time, Victor and Faith ended up bonding as he escorted her home every time after their Bible Study sessions. Victor then realized that he loves Faith and asked her to be more than a friend to him and Faith agreed.

When Victor was ready to meet Faith's parents, she was skeptical about it. How would her father react after learning that Victor has a son? Interestingly Faith's father was very understanding and receptive because he too had been in the same situation. Victor's son also warmed up to the idea of Faith being a second mummy to him.

Once they had decided to be together, Victor looked for the perfect moment to propose to the love of his life. He carried the ring for two weeks in his pocket and then the opportunity presented itself. Victor's mother had visited together with his sister. He invited Faith for lunch and the next thing she saw was Victor was on one knee, proposing to her in front of his mother!  That took her by surprise but she said yes.

Here are some perfect moments of their wedding:


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