Varshita Meet & Greet: A Success

29 May 2018
The colourful event was held at Garden City on May 26.
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Our recent #VarshitaMeetAndGreet competition was received very positively by fans all over the country.

Judging from the response we received, it is clear that Varshita is program that is loved by both young and old. Ten lucky fans who won the competition each got a ticket (one ticket admitted 4) to attend the exclusive event to meet and greet the Varshita cast members face-to-face at the Garden City Mall on May 26.  

The family event, proudly organized by Maisha Magic, saw fans interacting with their favourite cast members such as Varshita (Eve D'Souza), Donovan ( Maqbul Mohammed), Mr. Wangombe (Frank Kimani), Mrs. Wangombe (Mukami Njiru) Mrs. Bhatt (Vaishali Morjaria), Mr. Bhatt (Vikash Pattni) Eve (Sanaipei Tande) and many others. 

Here are some of the reactions from the fans: 

To enter the competition, fans had to answer two questions.

The first one was who their favourite character on Varshita. Here are their answers:

"Varshita. She makes things enjoybale and fun to watch".

"Mrs Wangombe because she always fakes it till she makes it".

"Bobo, the way he stays at Donovan's and contributes nothing and he is the first one to ask for smokies, it happens in real life".

"Mrs Bhatt. When she speaks Swahili to mutinda its so funny (wewe iko pandia mimi uko nyuma) one of my favourite line. Determination also to make sure varshita marries an Indian man."

"The mamas in the village, wang'ombe and how he is ever on the receiving end with his wife, when it comes to fighting the drunk men in the bar, when mama Donavan,'the Master' goes like'battle formation, dragon attack!',my daughter made me love that very much".

"Lalu of course.....he's really funny, sarcastic and knows how to play his role perfectly"

"Don's father... This guy is just hilarious just flows with what the wife tells him yet he is the man of the house and how he would prove he has power over the wife to friends and neighbors yet still fears her".

"Donavan. His world is crazy, he is crazy, coward and outgoing".

Here are the responses to the next question:

And the second...given a chance what would be the one question you'd ask Varshita if you met her?

"How is she able to date Donovan for 10 years?"

"Will Don ever be truly your heart, body and soul? Voluntarily?"

"Will you go back to Don after the baby is born? Black baby?"

"What does she do in order for her to portray varshitas character so perfectly"?

"Despite her family being against her love with Donovan who is not an Indian what did she seem to love Rather feel in Donovan's love?"

"Do you think Donovan loves you??? Can you survive in the village with Don's parents??"

About the show

Varshita is a comedy show about love and relationships and speaks to the struggles over culture and societal expectations while not so subtly exploring intra and inter racial bias.

Varshita! airs exclusively on Maisha Magic East every Saturday at 7.30pm on DStv (Channel 158) and GOtv (Channel 4).