Varshita is coming to Maisha Magic Plus

21 October 2020
The show premieres on Wednesday 28 October 2020 at 7:00 pm
varshita, donovan

We are thrilled to announce that Varshita will be coming to your screens this month! The comedy show is set in the city of Nairobi Kenya and revolves around two dysfunctional families – the Bhatts and the Wan’gombes.


Varshita, the Bhatts’ only daughter and child, is betrothed at birth to Manish, who according to her very traditional mother is the most perfectly suited Indian man for her. Varshita, however, spends her entire adult life defying her mother by chasing after Donovan, an African man who is the only son and child of the Wan’gombes.


In the previous season, the Wan’gombes and the Bhatts spent a large part of their chaotic lives pursuing what they perceived would bring them happiness. Often, their children were caught in the chaos.


The Wan’gombes marriage was riddled in suspicion, dishonesty and debts. For the longest time, they believed that their lives would change after their son marries Varshita. According to Indian culture, it is the bride that pays the dowry, so they automatically thought that this change in fortune would spell a better life and even a better relationship for them. If the Wang’ombe’s happiness is pegged on whether Varshita and Donovan's marriage, we will wait to see if they will eventually be happy.

Varshita shares a baby with Donovan and even that didn’t bring them close together as she had anticipated. In fact, Donovan found a girlfriend-May, and they almost tied the knot.


What can you expect in the new season?

Should Donovan and Varshita get married, will their union bring the commitment and accomplishments that she has so aggressively sought all these years?

As for Donovan’s parents, will they get the dowry as expected and will their marriage enjoy seasons of love and respect?

Be sure to never miss an episode of Varshita! The rib-cracking show premieres on Wednesday 28 October at 7:00 pm only on Maisha Magic Plus DStv 163.