Ultimate Comic's memorable quotes!

30 January 2018
Ultimate Comic is finally at the quarter final stage and we are gearing up towards the Battle Royale in a few weeks. Through this journey, there have been memorable moments and unforgettable musings shared by the judges, the contestants and hosts!
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Here are a few memorable quotes!

Mentor Jemutai’s one-liner was brief and profound. "There is Power in Rehearsing".

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McTricky’s opening line during the mentorship sessions is one to remember. He was addressing the privilege that the contestants need to keep at the forefront of their minds.

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Kuna watu wengi wako na Talent, lakini, wamekosa platform. Maisha Magic East wamewapatia platform. Be engaging! Indeed, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity given to these contestants with the offer to win a TV contract, a car and KES 1 Million for the one who emerges the winner. Beyond the winnings, the contestants have broken through anonymity and now enjoy the publicity that comes with being part of the show. As comedians, it is a major stepping stone towards a successful career in entertainment.

Mentor Chipukeezy addressed the issue of stage fright and how to command an audience.

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“When you have the microphone, own the stage. Make them listen to you. Speak clearly and confidently. Your energy will be transferred to your audience”.

Our award winning host, Churchill Ndambuki shared a light moment as he gave Judge Tony a few words of caution.

“Mashabik wa Ultimate Comic wanasema katika mitandao ya kijamii #UltimateComicKE kwamba wewe hauna huruma! Uko kama Pharaoh!" he sent the room roaring with laughter. "Tony, unajua Maka ni baba ya watu na yuko hospitalini!”

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Tony Njuguna in his signature stance shared a few memorable quotes. He sent a strict warning to Pastor after a dismal performance. Pastor was a Golden Ticket winner. Tony said “I am giving a golden warning!"

We saw Tony’s compassionate side when Nasra’s nerves got the best of her in episode 13. Here is what he said “Nasra, can you go and relax and come back after the second or third participant?" This touched the audience and gave his critics hope for the coming rounds!

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Throughout the show, there are many instances wisdom has been shared and timeless words have been spoken. Keep it here to get the inside scoop on Ultimate Comic exclusive to Maisha Magic East. Catch the show every Saturday at 8:30pm!

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