Ultimate Comic: Episode 7!

19 December 2017
All roads lead to Rome and in this case, the destination is Nairobi County! The 36 finalists from Nairobi, Kisumu, Rift Valley and Mombasa have converged to step into the elimination stage and into the quarter finals!
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Mentor Charles Bukeko fondly known as Papa Shirandula has been an integral part of this episode as he guides the contestants and prepares them for the bright lights!

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Ultimate Comic is the premier showcase for the growth of the entertainment industry,  specifically in comedy! This platform provides an opportunity to cohesively bring artistic and comedic practitioners from the whole country together to craft a unique brand or show and a fresh understanding of each other, cross culturally. 

The judges have been clear regarding their expectations and what their score cards entail. The hosts and mentors were slightly concerned regarding the contestants performances, pegging it on the elaborate set and live audience which makes the TV competition all the more real to them! Cold feet and Stage fright!

Nasra Yusuf was the Nairobi heavy weight in this round! She got a standing ovation from the studio audience and Judge Tony Njuguna! It was indeed a refreshing change to see a lady comic leading the pack! 

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In this round, we would like to congratulate Nasra Yusuf, Nakuru Stress Doctors, Cosmas Kole and the live audience favourite, Bernard Okello for making it through to the Quarter Finals! The stage gets hotter in the next round! Keep it locked!

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