Uchibuzi wa Ngozi — Maisha Mkanda

03 February 2020
They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but people want to be different.
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Skin bleaching has become a trend amongst young ladies in Kenya. All have different reasons for bleaching their skin. For Naima, a business lady in Mombasa county her reason for bleaching her skin to attract visitors to her stand and also because her sister is light-skinned.

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While for Abbas Shehe, she bleached her skin to attract men since there's a belief that 'light-skinned girls attract attention more than dark-skinned girls". 

Here are the types of lightning:

  • Skin bleaching using harsh chemicals
  • Skin lightening /brightening  using machines
  • Skin toning

For skin bleaching, the mixture is called 'mkorogo'. A variety of chemicals are put together and the mixture is applied to the face and body. There's also a knuckle cream that is used to lighten the hands and one has to wear socks to lock in the moisture and heat. 

While for some it has worked for them, for others like Nafula it didn't go well.

Mimi nikijiona kwa kioo natisha! Sipendezi and ngozi yangu imeharibika.

Her face is dark and it's difficult to see how she looked like before. Which makes one wonder why women go to such lengths to make themselves look beautiful. Naomi, a resident of Nakuru admits that maintaining her skin is high. One has to buy the chemicals every other day, apply on the skin and keep it moisturized by wearing socks. Many have paid the price for it because of fake creams that have infiltrated the market. 

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