Three solid reasons to watch Maisha Magic East this month

12 January 2023
Your Saturdays will never be the same again.
the journey, kyallo kulture, our fifth anniversary,

Maisha Magic East is boosting your Saturday entertainment this month with three new reality shows. Here’s what each show is about:

The Journey | Starts Saturday 7 January at 2:30 pm

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki, the show host, takes you through the transformative real-life stories of famous Kenyans and gets them to debunk the mysteries surrounding them. Churchill speaks with popular radio host Maina Kageni in the first episode.

Our 5th Anniversary | Starts Saturday 14 January at 8:00 pm

Our 5th Anniversary is a spin-off show of Our Perfect Wedding and features couples who married five years ago. Beyond the beautiful wedding ceremony, how is marriage treating them? What are their greatest marital joys and challenges? Have there been any significant events in the years they have been married? Have they considered giving up? These are some of the questions that are answered by couples featured on the show.  Be sure to watch the show to get the answers.

Kyallo Kulture | Starts Saturday 14 January at 8:30 pm

Betty, Mercy, and Gloria are three sisters featured on this reality show. Betty is an award-winning media personality and entrepreneur, Mercy is a business owner and founder of Yallo, a luxury leather brand, while their youngest sister Gloria is a mental health activist and psychologist. Who is the most outgoing of the three sisters? Who is the voice of reason? Be sure to watch the show to find out.

Happy New Year!