Three reasons why father-daughter relationships matter – Njoro wa Uba

26 February 2021
If you are a #NjoroWaUba fan you will not be a stranger to the bond Njoro and his daughter Stacy share.
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The month of love has showcased love in many forms, but many may argue that there is no bond that is more special than a father and daughter bond. Njoro and Stacy are a perfect example of this. They are each other’s ‘other half’ and watching their relationship blossom on screen has brought so much joy to viewers all around the country.

Here are some great reasons why father and daughter relationships are important, as shown on #NjoroWaUba:


  1. Fathers help shape their daughters’ personalities

Everyone is well aware how Njoro and Stacy are basically two peas in a pod. It is in the crazy moments when they have little banter between them that Njoro realises that he might have helped create and raised another version of himself.


  1. Fathers help build their daughters’ self esteem

Stacy is an avid swimmer and enjoys taking part in swimming competitions. Njoro has always been very supportive of Stacy and her dreams. In times where Stacy has doubted herself, Njoro has always been there to ensure that her confidence levels are always at an all-time high.


  1. Fathers show unconditional love to their daughters

Njoro loves nothing more on this earth than his daughter. This was clearly observed when Stacy and her grandmother made the trip from Nairobi to Mombasa to visit Njoro and his girlfriend. Now with everything going on in his life, Njoro was not in a financial position to stop working. As soon as Stacy touched down in Mombasa, Njoro abandoned his job for a day to spend time with Stacy and make the day special for her.

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