This week's Movies

25 August 2017
Find out which 3 movies we have in store for your weekend, starting on Friday night!

The weekend is almost here, and we've got 3 movies in our Schedule for you. Find out more:

Starting this Friday at 21:30 - watch Close knit group: Four very different women are brought together in the pursuit of learning how to sew from a seamstress. They soon discover aspects of each other’s private lives.

On Saturday at 8:00 - Remembering Lawi: A woman is tired of being given the run around by her mother about the dysfunctional nature of their family.The fighting takes place as their father lies in his deathbed.

Sunday at 10:00 - Dinner will be late: Andy and Julia invite their closest two friends to join them for a special dinner at their home one evening. But then an uninvited and unwelcome guest arrives