This week on MMEast  8 – 14 June

08 June 2020
This is what we have lined up for you this week.

We offer you a blend of drama, comedy, telenovela and music. What will you be watching this week?

Nyanya Rukia | Monday at 7:30 pm

This week, Nyanya Rukia is in the boxing ring to fight a woman from Tanzania. She enlists the help of Changa, the village doctor to help with a concoction that will help her knock out her opponent. Will it work?

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Pete: Taharuki Kisiwani | Monday to Wednesday at 8 pm

This week, Nimimi finally meets her mum and they differ about the reason why she was kidnapped by her father. Naima tells Msiri who really poisoned Sudi while Bi Komo meets Msiri and tells him to tell Nuru to stop the activism. She also advises him to tell Nuru that he is her grandfather.

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Selina | Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm

Selina and Nelson continue their random attacks at Messina’s camp. A shaken Messina is alarmed by the continuous attack as she sets to withdraw from the flames. Erico has teamed up with Nelson and they vow to bring Messina down. Margaret’s condition worsens as her insecurities blind her into thinking that Biko is still in love with Selina.

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Tehanani | Monday to Friday at 9 pm

After Mo reveals to Yakuti that Regina is an undercover agent, he starts investigating her. Fataki is growing suspicious of Cynthia’s closeness with Haluwa. What will happen next?

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Nganya | Tuesday at 7:30 pm

This week, Mamu, Gathee’s husband, has found a quick solution to their financial problems; she connects her husband to a women’s (Chama) group that needs a matatu for hire. How will it go down?

Monica | Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Monica tells the governor that his life is in danger. Is it real or is it one of her ploys to get closer to Bob?

Our Perfect Wedding | Thursday at 7:30 pm 

We continue with the special coverage of weddings hosted by Irene Njuguna. Be sure to grab your front-row seat for yet another perfect wedding.

Njoro wa Uba | Friday at 7:30 pm

Spider, Njoro’s regular customer and a thief is acting -shifty. Njoro ignores all the red flags-because his tip is guaranteed to be a big one.

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Hullabaloo Estate | Friday at 8 pm 

A comedy series that brings new meaning to the phrase 'Love Thy Neighbor Or Not’. This week, Ondiek has a visitor all the way from the U.S.A but he has other plans. Kioko on the other hand has decided that this is the day Ondiek must die.


The Turn-Up | Saturday at 12 pm

The Turn Up is a live show composed of exciting interviews, awesome vibes and amazing music mixes that will brighten up your Saturday afternoon. The show is hosted by Amina Rabar award-winning and multitalented radio presenter and TV presenter and Dj Joe Mfalme an award-winning and established Dj in the Kenyan Industry-

Pambio | Sunday at 2 pm 

Pambio is a two hour Gospel music show with the best of gospel praise and worship music. It aims at encouraging togetherness for its viewers; Christian- and non-Christian-. The show is hosted by Dj Ruff, an award-winning gospel DJ, and Yvonne Makena, a multi-talented gospel singer, performing artiste and media personality.

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