This week on Maisha Magic East | 16 - 22 July

16 July 2018
Here's what you can expect this week.
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Maza | Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm

Last week, was by far one of the toughest weeks for Dingo and his family. Pili moved out to her old house where Kate was staying. This led Kate to move in with the Dingo's. Dingo moved his family out and as they were settling down, Lea decides to sell the house without consulting Dingo who's trying to divorce Kate. With no place to go, she is forced to move in with the Dingo's - again and this does not settle well with Lea. 

As tensions rise, what will happen this week? If you miss any of the episodes, catch the omnibus every Sunday's from 5 pm. 

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Jela 5 Star | Monday to Wednesday at 8:30 pm

P.A and Robot are on a mission to disturb sleepy Gacheru. They do so but Gacheru catches P.A before he can escape to safety and sends him to the South Pole. Meanwhile, Commandant brings a new officer (Ken) for posting. Ken is a look-alike of P.A something that bothers Melba.

Our Perfect Wedding | Thursday at 8:00 pm

The gives you a front row seat to the intimate lives of real couples as they plan their perfect weddings. Tune in this and every Thursday to see how you can take part. 


Hullabaloo Estate | Fridays at 8.00pm (double bill)

The men in the Estate have had enough of the weaves and wigs from their ladies - and they do something about it. 

Varshita | Saturdays at 7.30pm (double bill)

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 Catch some laughs every Saturdays at 7.30pm with the Bhatts, Wangombes, Bobo, Donovan, Varshita, Eva and many more. 

The TurnUp | Saturdays at 12 pm

Last week we featured Ugandan artist Vinka famous for her song Chips na Ketchup. Click on the video below to watch. The Turn Up is a two-hour show composed of exciting interviews, awesome vibes and amazing music mixes that will brighten up your Saturday morning.

Pambio Live | Sundays at 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Hosted by Size 8 and DJ Ruff, Pambio Live is a two-hour gospel music show. Click on the video to watch a snippet from last week's show:

Maisha Magic East airs on DStv channel 158 and GOtv channel 4.