The women in Njoro’s life – Njoro wa Uba

13 August 2021
Life has been tough for Njoro recently.
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After moving back to Nairobi from Mombasa, Njoro is forced to get on his feet because he quickly learns that he is a father again. His oldest daughter moves in with him and he soon finds himself surrounded by only women. Here is a breakdown of the women in Njoro’s life:



Stacy is Njoro’s oldest daughter, she used to live with her mother, but her mother got remarried and moved out of Kenya. This resulted in Stacy living with Njoro fulltime. Stacy is a young teenage girl, who is currently going through transformations, and she has been pushing Njoro away and demanding more independence.



Cess is Njoro’s ex-girlfriend, she got pregnant right after they broke up and Njoro moved to Mombasa. After giving birth, she moved in with Njoro and Stacy because she has been diagnosed with post-partum depression. Njoro feels like he is now taking care of three children because she is unable to care for herself.



Mwajuma is Njoro’s girlfriend, they met in Mombasa and for now they are in a long-distance relationship because Njoro has relocated back to Nairobi. Mwajuma has been complaining that she feels neglected by Njoro and their relationship is suffering.



The baby came into Njoro’s life as a shock as he was not aware that Ceci was pregnant all along. Even though he has accepted the baby, he finds it hard to balance fatherhood with work and now living with Ceci. The baby has been crying nonstop and Njoro feels unable to cope and wants to give up.


Njoro loves the women in his life, but he still feels overwhelmed. Will he survive this stage of his life? Follow #MMENjoroWaUba every Thursday at 8pm on Maisha Magic East.