The Turn Up: Sarakasi Dancers & L'Afrique Crew

12 October 2017
This weekend's episode of The Turn Up is all about dance battles, with special dance crews: Sarakasi Dancers and L'Afrique Crew.

This Saturday's Episode of The Turn Up will be a special edition on Dance Battles. Sarakasi Dancers and L'Afrique Crew will be joining Amina and DJ Joe on studio to show who can perform best! Here's a little bit more about the two dance groups: 

The Sarakasi Dancers group started in 2003. The initiative started as part of the Sarakasi Trust, which strives to empower youth and artists creatively and economicaly, organizing festivals and events, cultural exchanges and local and international performance contracts and tours. 

The L'Afrique Crew is a group of dancers and dedicated crew members who have been working together since 2011. They train every weekday and are all about presenting uniqueness by their remarkable and creative make-up style.

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Make sure to catch dance battles this Saturday on The Turn Up at 12pm and join the conversation by using the hashtag #TheTurnUp.