The Stalker [part 1] — Maisha Mkanda

19 January 2020
She was brutally murdered by someone she and her family knew so well.
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Hata graduate! Hatamaliza shule!

Those were the cold words Mustapha Idi shared with Emma Wanyotta's mother Beatrice Luseno, a mother of 5. And those words came to be. In her last year of college, Emma was murdered by Mustafa in the most humane way...a murder that brought the quiet town of Moi's Bridge to a standstill. 

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How it happened

According to her mother, Emma had been sent to town to buy solar panels for their house. When her mother came home from work that evening, she was expecting as per the norm to find her daughter home preparing dinner. However, the homestead was dark and Emma was not at home. She immediately sensed something was not right and decided to phone her daughter's number was off. She also tried the shop owner where she had sent her, but she too said she's not there.

She decided to enter the house through the back door and then she saw bloodstains on the floor and Emma's blood-stained underwear garments in the living room. 

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She went to report to the police. While she was there, Mustapha was brought to the police station, accompanied by his mother. Immediately the police were able to identify him as the man who murdered another girl but was released on bond! He remained in custody as the police accompanied Beatrice to her home to search for Emma.

Their search bore no fruits and they called it a night. However, it took the efforts of Emma's friends to search again at night and saw a blood stain by the window in Emma's room. They followed the stains and it led them to the sheep pen...where Emma's body was lying there...lifeless.?

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To add pain to the injury, her body was mutilated and cut into several pieces. The police were called again and after assembling the body parts again, her limb and hand were missing. A thorough search was done and it was found in some grass, a few meters away from where her body was found...?

Why was Emma murdered?

According to Emma's twin sister Sharon, Mustapha claimed that Emma had on several occasions rejected his advances.  He had also stalker her physically and on social media. He even went as far as creating a Facebook page with one of her sister's names. Another time, Sharon says that Mustapha snatched Emma's phone and communicated with her family as her.

Emma had actually reported a few months ago that her life was in danger but no one knew it could get to the point it got to. 


Sadly Emma joins other women who have been killed by people they know and whose families are awaiting justice. Although Mustapha is still behind bars, the family has to forever live with the fact that they will never see their loved one Emma again. 

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