The second challenge is on — Pete

25 January 2019
The leader of Funzi island has to undergo three tests. Jasiri won the first test. Who will win the second challenge?
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Kiza and Mbura were not happy with the fact that Jasiri won the first leadership challenge and plan on playing foul. The second challenge is on and it involves praying for rain and Mbura's wife Nimimi tries to persuade him to sit and agree with Jasiri on who among them should lead but Mbura refuses to accept that. The two brothers meet in the night for the next challenge which involves praying for rain.

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Mbura brags on the idea that he will win this one but in the long run, it is Jasiri who emerges victorious once again with the help of Bi Komo. The hatred between Jasiri and Mbura intensifies and manifests itself clearly and openly.

Bi Komo, on the other hand, prepares a love charm drink so that Nuru falls in love with Jasiri. Sudi also begins to display his interest in Nuru. Bi Komo hands the love charm drink to Nuru but she fails to follow the instructions and ends up falling in love with Kalume instead.

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Kalume wonders at how Nuru fell in love with him. Nimimi is shocked at the news from Nuru that her new lover is Kalume and as this continues Sudi informs Karembo of the intensifying love between Kalume and Nuru.

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Nimimi, Mbura’s wife, pleads with him to abandon the final challenge but Mbura is more determined than ever to win the challenge.

As they await the final challenge Jasiri approaches the elders to inquire why he can’t have Nuru as his wife if one of one of the conditions to lead is having a wife. The elders are mum about this idea and Jasiri does not understand why.

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Who will win the third challenge? Now that Nuru has fallen in love with Kalume, what will become of Jasiri and Karembo?

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