The Quarterfinal Plateau on Ultimate Comic!

20 February 2018
Episode 17 promises to be the crowd pleaser as we transition into the Semifinals stage!
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As we settle into a plateau stage during the Quarterfinal rounds on Ultimate comic, Episode 17 promises to be the crowd pleaser as we transition into the Semifinals stage. Some contestants broke away from the 'pack' in episode 16 and it was a beautiful thing to see the judges feel satisfied with the material the contestants produced in this round. The mood was light and joyful. 

Mentors and Coaches are eager to get these rounds out of the way to concentrate on the last leg of preparations for the contestants.

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Judges cannot stress these three guidelines enough:

Diversify your content

Ensure there is a consistent story flow

Keep it clean people! No sensitive, vulgar jokes!

In every contest, there are the pacemakers and the trailers. The competition is stiff, however, at this stage, we are almost able to predict who moves forward. We pose the question to you, who is will 'kill it'  in the next round and why?

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