The mysterious man — Selina

19 April 2019
There's still a mysterious man trying to sabotage Selina's happiness. Who could it be?
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First, it was a stone that was wrapped in a paper with stern words that Nelson should stay away from Biko. Then Selina found another threat letter in her room leaving her anxious. The first suspect is Biko, who's struggling with his health in the hospital. 

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The police threaten to jail Biko and his 'wife' Myra helps him become a fugitive. 

As Ami and Jacque rekindle their love, Selina and Nelson's foundation is getting shaky! She rushes off with Myra and agrees to help Biko maybe because she remembers his good deeds. As the police sniff around for Selina's mysterious enemy, Zoe is out and about with baby daddy Shocks...she's playing a dangerous game. But hajafikia ya Selina. Myra continues to help Biko and at some point, she even requests Selina to help her get medication from the pharmacy. 

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Unknown to her, the police are on high alert and have requested that all pharmacies report any medicines they dispense matching Biko's prescription. When she gets the medication, the police visit the Mackenzies to question her. But just before she says anything, Dr.Leshan arrives just in time to save her from the long arm of the law.  Nelson feels guilty for mistrusting their love and apologizes to her. 

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Duke nae expresses his interest in Pamela and wants assurance that Pamela will be his wife.

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Then the mysterious man visits the Mackenzies and Babuu manages to sketch how he looks like. Its a mystery to all except Selina who knows who it is. She goes to confront Biko and Myra and while they are arguing the real mystery man arrives. It turns out to be Ami!

How will this revelation affect the family and Jackie?

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