The indecent proposal – Single Kiasi

30 January 2023
Sintamei offered a position in her company, but at what cost?
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If there is one character on Single Kiasi that has range, it is Sintamei. This career-focused woman is a brilliant lawyer at a prestigious firm, but her personal life is the exact opposite. In the first episode, she was portrayed as a woman on top of her game and who is unfazed by the men who constantly undermine her. Later, her life took an about-turn after her husband filed for divorce and married another woman.

Just when she thought her life was falling apart, her boss presented her with a proposal with a catch. He promised to promote her as managing partner in the firm, if she agreed to go out for a “celebratory dinner” with him.

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At the same time, her two friends Rebecca and Mariah were going through struggles of their own.  Rebecca’s household items were taken by the caretaker due to rental arrears after her husband Eric, had refused to negotiate the payment terms of the rental arrears. He instead chose to spend the money on his newly found girlfriend, Melissa

Mariah on the other hand was busy looking for a new blesser after her sugar daddy J.K. dumped her.  She looked through her phone, found men she previously had a relationship with and tried to rekindle the love. Unfortunately for her most if not all had either evolved or moved on.

To escape their current troubles, Mariah and the girls decided to go out clubbing to drown their sorrows in alcohol. Whilst there, Becky met the city’s most eligible bachelor and TV star, Nick and was smitten.


Will she be tempted to explore the relationship with him more so now that her husband is with another woman? Will Sintamei go on the date with her boss?  Will Mariah find another sugar daddy to support her financially?


Be sure to catch another sizzling episode of Single Kiasi on Sunday at 7:30 pm only on Maisha Magic Plus DStv 163, GOtv Supa CH 8 and also on Showmax.