The disappearance of Mbura – Pete

21 January 2021
Long-buried secrets get the better of Mbura
mbura, jasiri, chuwa

Mbura left King’amboni for Funzi with high hopes of finally marrying Nimimi officially. Before he left, Mose had tried to incite him to stay, reasoning that his departure would give Nimimi’s parents Mfalme Zurui and Binti ZamZam, an opportunity to marry off their daughter to the prince.

According to their culture, a king’s daughter is matched with a prince from a tender age – and unknown to Nimimi, her parents already had a suitor for her.

When Mbura heard about this during his visit, he was very upset, and it took him days to calm down. After discussions were held Mbura, Nimimi and her parents finally decided that Mbura should officially marry her.

When he arrived in Funzi, the first thing Mbura wanted to know was his father’s identity. When he asked Kiza, one of the elders about it, he didn’t get a straight answer. Instead, Kiza directed him to Bi Komo, the wise old woman with a vast knowledge of the island. She then broke the news and revealed his paternity; Mbura’s father is actually Kiza!

Mbura didn’t receive the news well because he had grown up knowing he was the firstborn son of Mzee Dalu, the Funzi Island king. When the king died, Mbura had stepped into the role by virtue of this fact, but unfortunately had to step down because he had to visit his wife Nimimi in King’amboni.

After learning about his real father – and with the loss of his only son still fresh in his mind, Mbura was overwhelmed. His mannerisms suddenly changed, and he became a shadow of his former self. The once confident and outspoken Mbura had become a man of few words.

Shortly thereafter, Mbura disappeared without telling anyone and his brother Jasiri and the villagers were thrown into confusion. After looking for him everywhere, Jasiri instructed Bundez to go to King’amboni thinking perhaps he would find Mbura there with Nimimi.

Bundez, unfortunately, returned with the news that he is not there either. Where could Mbura be? What will Nimimi do about his disappearance?


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