The crowded life of Njoro wa Uba

24 August 2021
He must find a balance between his job, a moody baby mama, his teen daughter, and a long-distance relationship.
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For months now, Njoro has struggled to find some breathing space. He must juggle between his demanding taxi job, his fatherly duties, his old flame Cess who is now his baby mama, his teen daughter Stacy, his demanding mother-in-law from hell, Jezebel; and his current girlfriend Mwajuma.

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All these factors have taken a toll on him. Here are some suggestions that might help him cope:

  • Set clear boundaries with Cess, his baby mama. Even if he is staying with her for the sake of the baby, it should be clear what they should expect from each other so that they are both on the same page.
  • Stacy recently told her father that the new baby has taken her place and that she feels neglected. Her feelings are negatively impacting her studies. So Njoro should spend more time with her and assure her of his love.

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  • Be in Jezebel’s good books even though he doesn’t like her. Her presence in Stacy’s life is important and ensures that she is stable and grounded.
  • Be open with Mwajuma and tell her where she stands in his life. The two met at a time when Njoro moved to Mombasa. Mwajuma was good for him and for once he was happily in love. However, things changed when he received a call from Cess with the news of the baby. Mwajuma allowed him to leave Mombasa for Nairobi hoping it would be a temporary arrangement. Njoro became so engaged with his responsibilities, Mwajuma is left wondering where she stands in their relationship.


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