The Caller – Maisha Magic Movies

12 July 2023
In a world of hard-hitting news and sensationalist headlines, one radio host goes too far when her segment on infidelity sparks an unexpected hostage situation.
The Caller

Viewers are in for an intense ride as they watch the story unfold in this gripping drama.

It's a hostage situation involving a disgruntled soldier holding his wife and children at gunpoint. But there's a slight twist to this story. The drama is unfolding live on radio.

It is up to one hero – a hard-headed egoistical radio host – to talk him down live on air.

The audience will be taken through a rollercoaster of emotions as they witness how this tense situation plays out. Will our hero succeed? Or will tragedy strike? This movie promises to keep viewers on the edge until its thrilling conclusion.

The film uses intense suspense as it builds tension until the pivotal moment when the protagonist must face off against the man who has been pushed too far over the edge due to her actions. This creates a moral dilemma for both characters, forcing them into difficult decisions.

The acclaimed Likarion Wainaina directs this thrilling new film with Brenda Mwai and Nice Githinji as the actors.

It will surely be a movie that will remain with you long after the credits roll. Don't hesitate, and catch The Caller on Maisha Magic Movies DSTV141 .