The aftermath of Jasiri's stabbing — Pete

27 February 2019
Will Jasiri recover from the knife attack now that Mbura has ordered the closure of hospitals?
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The residents of Funzi island are feeling the effects of Mbura's brutal rulership. He has stopped the supply of medicine to the island which means that Jasiri is going to suffer.

Nimimi, his wife defies his orders to visit Jasiri and does all she can to help him. Nuru too is worried and tells her grandmother Bi Komo what is happening. Her granny prepares a concoction and instructs Nuru to take to Jasiri. 

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Msiri begs the gods to save them from the calamity. He together with his fellow elders decide to meet with Mbura. Instead of listening to them, he dissolves the council of elders with immediate effect - an action that leaves them shocked. 

Mbura is also troubled by the fact that he doesn't have a child with Nimimi. Their constant arguments heat up to a point where Nimimi slaps Mbura.

Nuru and Safira meet at Jasiri's place and they fight over who should look after Jasiri. 

Karembo, on the other hand, heads to Mangweni to take her cash and later gets a job there. 

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