Telenovela Weeknights On Maisha Magic Plus

24 March 2020
Weekdays are covered, thanks to our memorable telenovela offerings.

There are plenty of reasons to make the couch your friend on weeknights starting this March, thanks to Maisha Magic Plus. We’re breaking out the big guns for your viewing pleasure in our jam-packed 18:30 to 21:30 primetime slot – and you’re invited along for the ride. Here are some vital stats, to whet your appetite and help you plan your viewing better, starting TODAY!



Jaffar relocates his family to Kenya after 29 years of living in Tanzania, where he has spent half his life working. His kids, born in Tanzania, are now of age but something has happened, forcing their sudden move. His family is not happy about relocating, especially his wife Alisa, who has a dark secret that may bring down the Haze empire. Watch Kovu every weekday at 18:30.




In a bid to succeed the Funzi chief, a rift ensues between his two sons; Mbura and Jasiri. The struggle for love and the ring, takes extraordinary twists and turns. Pete airs every weekday at 19:30.




Kina is the story of an abandoned girl seeking justice for the  murder of a man she thought was her father, while falling under the dangerous spell of a woman she doesn’t know is closely related to her. Watch Kina from Monday to Friday, at 20:00.




Selina, in pursuit of evidence to prove her innocence, has no option but to go the extra mile as the long hand of the clock moves. It is a bumpy ride as she finds herself betwixt love and her quest. Just as she gets evidence to exonerate herself, fate strikes and she finds her hope hanging on a cliff. As desperate times call for desperate measures, she is left with no option but to succumb to family pressure. Selina airs every weekday at 20:30.

Your weekdays will never be the same again!

Remember, Maisha Magic Plus will be available to Compact, DSTV Plus and Premium Bouquets. However, subscribers on Family packages will have the pleasure of enjoying Maisha Magic Plus from day of launch (23 March 2020) until 31 March 2020 as part of their