Teddy and Harriet: A Sunday wedding

19 July 2018
Their wedding was different, it was done on a Sunday, there was no kiss, and no rings were exchanged.
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Teddy and Harriet's relationship goes way back to their campus days where they were both studying law. Harriet was in her first year while Teddy was in his third. Harriet first noticed Teddy at an annual church event where he was giving a speech. "He was quoting chunks of inspirational books and I just liked him". After the event, she went straight to him and greeted him by his name, ignoring the other friends who were with him.

They started dating but they both agreed to finish their studies before they could formalize their relationship. In 2017, Teddy decided to pull off a surprise engagement. Being members of the Seventh Day Adventist, they could not exchange rings. Instead, Teddy gave Harriet a pair of spectacles. 

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After that, they had 6 months to prepare for their big day. 

The wedding preparations

Some of the couple's checklist included the cake tasting, the grooms' dress and the bridesmaids dressing. For the cake, they went for different flavours - zucchini, red velvet, chocolate, cream cheese and fruitcake. 

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For the suit, Teddy went for a 3-piece black Italian suit, a white shirt, a purple tie, navy blue shoes and belt. For Harriet's bridesmaids, they wore white dresses with a detail of purple flowers. The groomsmen wore navy blue suits, white shirts, and purple bow tie. The bride chose a white ball gown without much detail and went for a very natural look with her makeup. 

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The exchange of vows

When they got to church, the groom and his parents walked down the aisle and met the bride and her parents half-way. The pastor officiated the ceremony and as per the SDA custom, they did not exchange rings nor a kiss. 

The couple admitted that the exchange of vows was the main highlight of their wedding with Teddy promising to fulfil the triple P's - a provider, priest and protector. 

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For the rings, the couple had a glass that signifies their unity. 

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After a little nudging from the pastor, Teddy managed to peck Harriet on the chick. 

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In the end, Teddy and Harriet did have a perfect wedding, surrounded by their close family and friends. We wish them well. 

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