Susan and Ken's story — OPW

04 April 2019
They met in college, became friends and now they are solemnizing their wedding thirteen years later.
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Susan grew up thinking that marriage was a big thing not meant for everyone. She feared it because of the responsibilities it entailed. However, that changed after she met Ken in college in 2005. She was pursuing a degree in beauty and design while Ken was doing fashion design. As part of the fashion design course, Ken needed a model to wear his clothes and she asked for Susan's help.

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She ended up being a dummy fit for most of Ken’s clothes that he designed and with time they became very close friends.

Eventually, they settled in together and decided to walk life’s journey together. The children came but as a couple, they had always wanted to solemnize their wedding....which they did thirteen years later.

For the brides dress it was only natural that they could design it together. The outcome was stunning! She settled for flrty cold shoulder mermaid dress, decorated with bling at the top and frills at the bottom.

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For the groom, he settled for a golden brown tuxedo with a white shirt, brown shoes and black bow-tie. The groomsmen wore black suits, white shirt, and black shoes.

Here are more images of their big day: