The story of Linet Masiro: Size 8!

10 March 2017
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Linet Masiro

It was on third class of school that Linet Masiro discovered her talent to sing, while participating in music competitions. And even though her family had problems paying for her school fees, a history teacher made sure to take her case to the principal of the school, so that Linet would receive a government fund and continue with her education.

Later in life, Linet joined Hillcrest School after a drama teacher spotted her in a play, and assisted her in applying for a scholarship. Coming from the ghetto, she experienced a culture shock, and mentions that “That’s where I got lost, and started going on the wrong direction”. Clubbing became a habit, but that didn’t stop her from doing well in school. Because of such good grades, she was given half a scholarship in Manchester, which had to be refused, because her family could not pay for the remaining half.

Even though she wasn’t able to join university, this period was what led her life to music! After a lot of hard work, she got her music out in the radios and started doing small shows, which were an “advertisement” of her music, since she didn’t get payed for performing. In 2010, Kenya took a big step and promulgated a new Constitution – this was a breaking point in her career, as she joined famous artists on the stage of this event. Linet says this was a consequence of “pushing herself”: “Push yourself. Do not sit and wait for things to drop from heaven, just push yourself”.

Fame and money came, but Size 8 was not happy – she then decided to give her life back to Christ, and switch from secular to gospel music. Even though she was attacked for this decision, she was strong at heart, and staunch in her will and faith. She made it to the headlines after getting married to DJ Mo secretly and despite all the success, she had to face difficulties: her mother’s health and death, and her own poor health.

Size 8 says she wants to leave 3 legacies in this world: to be remembered as a staunch evangelist, the mother of many and a woman who stands for family values.

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