Stolen and mistaken identitities – Igiza

21 July 2023
The world of two identical sisters is turned upside down.
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giza is a story so twisted that it will leave you feeling dizzy. It’s the story of two identical twin sisters, Nicole and Linda, who go on a path of revenge and it doesn’t end well.


The story started when Linda framed Nicole for a crime she didn’t commit and she ended up behind bars. 13 years later, Nicole succeeded to escape from prison, triggering the following chain of events:


  • Nicole, with help of her friend Dom, managed to switch places with Linda and adopted her life and soon discovered how complicated it is. Linda, on the other hand, encountered some harsh realities in prison and was sentenced to solitary confinement for attempting to escape.


  • Linda met Dom’s mother Salome while in prison and realized just how difficult it is to take Nicole’s role while Nicole also battled to fit into Linda’s shoes as a mother to Ian and husband to Reggie without being discovered.


  • It wasn’t long before Linda got her hands on a cell phone while in prison. She called Reggie and alerted him of the change.  


  • She also informed CJ, the photographer, who devised a plan to blackmail Nicole but things didn’t go as planned.


Watch how things went down here:

  • Dom attempted, but failed, to reach his mother in prison.  He decided to pay a visit the prison and demanded to see his mother. He caused a scene and was arrested and put behind bars. The prison warder confiscated his phone and called Nicole and told her he was coming for her.


From here on out, it was a roller-coaster journey. Linda escaped from jail and just before she could decide what to do with Nicole, her son Ian was kidnapped.   


Watch the captivating moments here:


Will the twin sisters work together to save Ian? Be sure to find out on the season finale of Igiza this Saturday 22 July at 8 pm only on Maisha Magic East DStv 158 and GOtv 2.