Six key moments on Varshita so far

30 December 2020
The much-anticipated wedding between Donovan and Varshita happened. But will they live happily ever after?
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In the previous season, Varshita tried every trick in the book to get Donovan to say ‘I Do’. In the new season, they finally tie the knot, but under strict COVID-19 regulations. But instead of wearing her dream gown, Varshita wore personal protective clothing - complete with a mask and rubber gloves for her walk down the aisle. Also, the only person who was present physically at their wedding was their daughter Donshita, with the rest of the guests attending the ceremony remotely.

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Here are six key moments that have happened on the show so far


The Wangombes strike it rich


  • The Wangombes by a stroke of luck, had a change in fortune. It was a case of being in the right place, at the right time. A Chinese man found them at a random farm, where they had squatted. Assuming it was their land, he proceeded to give them an offer. The Wangombes, who are always hungry for money happily accept the money and fled. Soon, word about their sudden wealth spread around the village and all the debtors demanded what was owed to them. Even though they paid off all their debts and were left with a good amount of change, they still decided to use the same crafty method to get more money.  


Mrs. Bhatt’s mission

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  • We watched Mrs. Bhatt (who had long been assumed dead) desperately trying to get her identity back. The reason why she wanted her life back so badly was so that she could go to India and exact her revenge on Ravi Shah, the man who duped her into marriage and then stole her money. She had been having a difficult time convincing people she is not crazy and even found herself placed in a mental hospital.


Don adopts a new culture

  • Varshita and Don felt pressure to keep up with the Joneses; their long-lost friends who are ultimate “Couple Goals”. Varshita also had to ensure that he brings Donovan up to speed with the Indian cultures and traditions. Recently she forced him to wear harem pants even though he was uncomfortable with them.


Bobo’s married life

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  • When the last season ended, Bobo got married – much to the surprise of his friends. His wife agreed to take care of all his bills leaving Bobo to do what he enjoys best; eat, sleep, and play video games all day.  However, he started feeling challenged when he found himself lacking depth during the deep professional conversations his wife and her colleagues had in his presence. So, he decided to look for a job- even though he doesn’t have any professional qualifications. Will that prove to be a tall order?


Tables turn for Mrs. Bhatt

  • The tables turned this season and Mrs. Bhatt was left with no choice but to live in the slums while her enemies, the Wangombes moved to a new house and settled in a neighborhood befitting their new status as a wealthy couple.


Manish is ready to buy friends

  • Manish still struggled to belong and continued telling his dry jokes. Despite having immense wealth, he remained lonely and alone. Might he buy himself some friends, or maybe family?  

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