Shows to binge on Showmax this week

24 February 2022
Watch them online using any connected device.
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If you missed any of your favourite Maisha Magic Plus shows last week, worry not! You can watch them uninterrupted on Showmax.

Here are the shows that are available:


This telenovela revolves around the families of the Mwakazis and the Tandalas.

The former come from a humble background while the latter are more affluent and own a successful water company. The drama is directed by the award-winning filmmaker Likarion Wanaina and stars Sanaipei Tande (Nana), Jimmi Gathu who plays Nana’s husband Fred Tandala, Bruce Makau as Jabali, Nana’s nephew and right-hand man among others.

Last week Jabali tried to stop Bella and Ezzy’s wedding. If you missed the moment, catch up here.

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This Swahili telenovela is filled with secrets, mysteries and drama. The story revolves around the Haze and Santana family who both have palatial homes on the Kenyan coast. The Haze family relocates to Kenya from Tanzania. As they try to adjust to their new life in the new city, Alisa, Jaffer Haze’s wife’s dark past starts to catch up with her. If you want to know how this drama started, watch the first episode here.


Njoro wa Uba

After losing his job at the bank, Njoro starts a taxi business to support his daughter and manage his legal fees. His new job exposes him to real city life and how people deal with their daily struggles. The show is relatable to the Kenyan audience because it realistically paints a picture of the city. In the most recent episodes, Njoro relocated to the city of Mombasa with the hope of having a better life but his problems followed him there. Will he ever catch a break? Watch this award-winning show on Showmax here and be the judge.

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Our Fifth Anniversary

Would you still choose your partner five years after exchanging vows? Our Fifth Anniversary looks at how couples are coping with marriage five years after they said ‘I Do’. Catch the most recent episode here.

Date My Family

How well does your family know you? Would you trust them to help you find love? Date My Family helps single people find love by linking them with the family and friends of three potential dates. Their date choice is based on how well the family represented them. Catch the latest date here.

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This Swahili telenovela was nominated in the Best TV Drama category at the 2019 Kalasha Awards. The show follows the rivalry of two brothers, Mbura and Jasiri, the ring and the mermaids whose main mission is to take the ring. Catch the latest episodes from Tuesdays to Saturdays on Showmax.