Revenge is a dish best served cold – Selina

23 August 2021
Selina has been getting obstacles from everywhere.
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In the past week, Selina has been working hard to put out fires that have threatened her life and marriage.

After it was clear that the Mackenzies were under siege by one of their own, Selina worked hard to prove to herself and to the world that she is a brilliant designer. However, this did not go down well with Zoe, her sister-in-law. She worked hard to put obstacles in Selina’s path to ensure all her plans fail.

Zoe has been jealous of Selina’s success and position in the family. For a long time, Zoe has been trying to be accepted by Patricia, the family matriarch just like Selina but she has failed. So, she hatched a plan to make Patricia believe that Selina is working with Biko – Mackenzie’s biggest competition. This made Patricia question Selina’s loyalty and whether she can be trusted with the family business.

On the other side of town, Silvia Segeni had also been planning to bring Selina down for causing her brother Jayden’s death. She vowed to avenge his death by ensuring that Nelson and Selina never live happily together. She teamed up with Biko and had Nelson re-arrested for her brother’s death.  

Things then got even more complicated when Nelson’s blast from the past, Rosette came knocking. She was once married to Nelson, but they divorced after she went psycho. She reappeared at the police station where Nelson was being held and offered to represent him as his lawyer. The news was too good to be true for Nelson who found it difficult to believe that Rosette has changed for the better.

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