Relationships and sacrifices – ­ Njoro wa Uba

28 October 2021
What is the greatest sacrifice you have ever made for your relationship to work?
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Is there anything that you have ever given up in your life for your relationship with your significant other to work? Recently, Njoro wa Uba asked Mwajuma to leave her hometown of Mombasa and her job to move with him to Nairobi.

Mwajuma however had the following concerns:

  • How will their relationship work out since Njoro’s life is already crowded?
  • Will Njoro’s baby mama Cess allow him to move out of her house especially now when the two have worked out their differences?
  • How will Njoro split his time between his teenage daughter and his newly born son and still have time for her?
  • How will Jezebel (Njoro’s former mother-in-law) react when she learns that Njoro has moved on with another woman other than her daughter?

If you were in Mwajuma’s shoes, what would you do? What are some of the things you have sacrificed for your relationship?

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What is the greatest sacrifice you have made for your relationship to work?

I have gave up my goals and aspirations3%
My friends28%
My family38%
My freedom10%
My hobbies7%
My town/city/country14%

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