"Reagan! You're infertile? — Selina

03 February 2020
Now the whole family knows that he is thanks to Zoe.

Perhaps that was not the right time for Zoe to use that arsenal. So far she had two while Reagan had one... and now she's done to one. The reason why she revealing the shocking and embarrassing news is because Reagan arrived home late and drunk the night before. 

He recently employed Dhahabu as his PA and he's enjoying the attention she's giving him. Little does he know that she's a gold-digger and wants his money. When Zoe tried to phone him the night before, Dhahabu answered saying that Reagan 'ako kwa mkutano".

Some few hours later he arrives home drunk with Dhahabu. Zoe rushes out of the house and slaps Dhahabu real hard that her wig falls off. 

Later that morning she waits for the whole family to sit at the breakfast table and shares the news about Reagan. He gets embarrassed for a moment then things look up for him. His mother comforts him and puts him in charge of the family business and then he realizes that Zoe has just lifted a heavy burden off his shoulders. 


Following the events at the breakfast table, Patricia gives Zoe some advice: "wakati mwingine, pima unga na maji. Mke mwenye busara huficha siri za familia".

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