Queen Mose seeks an entanglement

05 October 2020
Queen Mose feels neglected in her marriage and is ready to risk it all.
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After many years of marriage the Queen ofKing’amboni Island, Mose, is starting to feel unappreciated and undesired by her husband. Over the years, her husband, KingZuruhi, has taken on many other wives. He is on a quest to produce more heirs for his kingdom and feels his other wives are best suited to provide him with an heir.

Throughout all this, Queen Mose is becoming impatient in her marriage as she feels her husband no longer loves her. She comes up with a plan to win his affection back by:

1. Convincing him that she should be the sole bearer of his heirs.

2. Altering her looks so she can look -more attractive -.

3. Initiating spending more time with him and catering to him by learning how to give him massages.

All this flops as her husband becomes extremely dismissive and continues to grow distant. Queen Mose feels inadequate and longs for the attention and comfort of a man; any man. Out of frustration she drags one of her guards to the woods. The unsuspecting- guard follows her to the woods and once alone, she states her true desires. She lets him know that she is a woman in her prime with physical needs; and that he should do the right thing and take advantage of that. The guards is shocked but quickly weighs his options and decides the risk is too great and runs away from her. Queen Mose feels rejected and alone. Will this cause her to seek more opportunities for entanglements or will she use this opportunity to seek revenge on the guard who rejected her?


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