Q&A with Amina

07 August 2017
Find out a little bit more about Amina, our The Turn Up presenter.

Tell us more about who Amina is.
Amina is a mum, wife, very ambitious media personality is out to win!

In what other projects are you involved in besides presenting The Turn Up?
I am a radio presenter on Capital FM, I host the prime time morning show on K24 called Alfajiri, I am the Samsung A series brand ambassador, the voice of Coke Studio Africa plus I also MC on the side.

What is it like to present a Live Show like this?
It's very exciting, a bit nerve racking sometimes because we seek perfection but mostly nerve racking. It forces you to stay on your toes and be very attentive.

What do you most like about the show?
Everything, what’s not to love?

What are the suggestions you give to aspiring presenters?
Work hard, be patient and be ready to learn. You will achieve the success you are so passionately in search for but all is in due time. Help others and be kind to everyone no matter their ranking.

Send a small message to The Turn Up fans!
We love you for the immense support thus far. Y’all are amazing!!!!!!

Catch Amina and DJ Joe every Saturday at 12pm for the best of local music on Maisha Magic East!