Pray & Prey on MMEast!

02 March 2017
MMEast presents Pray and Prey, from 6th March - a dramedy that follows the lives of men of God who minister the word to their flock!

Pray & Prey is dramedy that follows the lives of  men of God who minister the word to their flock.

Pastor Joseph is a young minister leading a young congregation of yuppies. His church is dying off and his faith is shaken. Matters do not get easy at home his agnostic wife Cindy though supportive in ministry is battling with hearing God’s voice making her the un-conventional Pastors wife. Cindy’s career takes a rather unexpected turn when she loses the one thing she loves her job. She goes on a downward spiral leading to a strain in the once solid marriage.

Apostle Daniel and his wife Petronella who lead the Apocalyptic Fire ministry. A fire brand ministry that preaches fire and brim storm. The charismatic couple whose sole aim is to increase the number of their flock. Apostle’s unconventional ways that are frowned upon by Rev. Abraham and Pastor Joseph have seen him end up in tight spots his wife Petronella an unscrupulous business woman wants them to move to the right side of Nairobi. Their Miracle baby Miujiza who claims the title of “miracle baby” sees the couple thrust into a space of confusion when Reverend comes claiming his grandchild. Ironically God uses Apostle Daniel to speak to Rev. Abraham and Pastor Joseph when they are in tight corners.

Catch this dramedy from Monday to Friday at 5pm on Maisha Magic East! Premiering on the 6th of March 2017!

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